Carnival of Feminist Parenting

The Carnival of Feminist Parenting is a two-monthly carnival, highlighting some of the very best writing about issues in feminist parenting, particularly feminist motherhood.

Submissions can be made using the carnival submission form or by sending a message on Twitter to @m4wl.

Submission guidelines:

  • Feel free to submit your own posts or those of someone else.
  • Posts do not have to be written by parents, simply related to parenting or children.
  • If you think it’s relevant to feminist motherhood/parenting, then it probably is.
  • Submissions don’t have to be UK-based, so send in your international posts and entries.
  • Almost everything will be considered; we at MFWL are a diverse bunch, and our readership doubly so!

Current Edition

The thirteenth Carnival of Feminist Parenting will be held on Sunday 12th September 2010. Submission deadline for this edition is Sunday 5th September 2010.

Previous Editions

1st – Monday 15th June 2009
2nd – Sunday 12th July 2009
3rd – Sunday 16th August 2009
4th – Monday 14th September 2009
5th – Sunday 11th October 2009
6th – Sunday 15th November 2009
7th – Sunday 13th December 2009
8th – Sunday 17th January 2010
9th – Sunday 14th February 2010
10th – Sunday 14th March 2010
11th – Tuesday 18th May 2010
12th – Thursday 15th July 2010

Future Editions

13th (September) – Sunday 12th September 2010
14th (November) – Sunday 14th November 2010
15th (January) – Sunday 9th January 2011
16th (March) – Sunday 13th March 2011
17th (May) – Sunday 15th May 2011
18th (July) – Sunday 17th July 2011