Tenth Carnival of Feminist Parenting

Welcome to the tenth edition of the Carnival of Feminist Parenting. A very happy Mother’s Day to all our readers in the UK, I hope you’re having a lovely day.
It’s a very short Carnival this month, as there haven’t been many submissions (well, from people who aren’t me anyway!) but this is a good thing today as I’ve been off this afternoon visiting my dear Mum and want to go to bed soon! 😉

  • Stef presents Pity the blended family? No thanks we’re fine the way we are, talking about family structure and why that has no bearing on the happiness of the family.
  • Fertile Feminism presents Mindful language: what does ‘mothering’ mean?, jumping off from a discussion about what to call Mother’s Day with a post about how we use language to describe mothering and parenting.
  • Sparky presents A Spark of Wisdom: You’re already teaching kids sexuality, pointing out to heterosexist parents that they are teaching their children about sexuality every time they say “When you get married” or mention a boy/girlfriend.
  • AnneE presents “Working mums” can’t win, a brilliant take-down of an article written about flexitime including some choice quotes from a woman who seems to equate having children with expensive outdoor hobbies.
  • In The very gendered baby, Blue Milk discusses her inbuilt gender stereotyping problems and how they manifest in her different choices in how to dress her daughter and her son.
  • Terri presents Barbie Becomes a Computer Engineer, showing off Barbie’s newest career and giving her thoughts on it.
  • Sazz has four posts about co-feeding, also known as cross-nursing: A Cross-Nurser’s Response To Hatred, Articles About Co-Feeding (Cross-Nursing), Our 2nd Year Breastfeeding Anniversary and My 1st Cross Tandem Nursing Experience.
  • Weaver points out that Shockingly, teenage motherhood is not the end of the world, talking about teenage parents, inspired by an article on the same from the Guardian.
  • Liz has a slightly angrier post titled, appropriately, Warning: I’m angry, also discussing teen/young pregnancy and asking how its detractors intend to stop it happening.
  • Roxann Mitjoy writes about the Pregnant Iowa Woman Arrested for Falling Down, the terrifying story of Christine Taylor who was detained for two days “for admitting to thinking about an abortion at some point early in her pregnancy and then having the audacity to fall down some stairs a couple of months later.”
  • Renee Martin also uses Christine Taylor’s story as a springboard for her post Abortion: The Choice We Do not Speak Of.
  • PhD in Parenting asks Should we parent boys and girls differently? discussing the different lessons we need to teach our boys and girls so they can better tackle the different challenges the world with throw at them.
  • Fertile Feminism presents Getting it, talking about well known feminist/Fat Acceptance blogger Kate Harding and imploring her to understand the parallels between the FA/HAES movement and that of children’s rights.
  • Megan has a guest post at the F-Word titled Contraception and Control – Teenage Rights, discussing the rights of teenagers to good sex education and access to contraception and emergency contraception, and above all the right to control over their own bodies.
  • The Unnecesarean presents Too Polite to Fight, talking about “a cousin of the “Too Posh to Push” archetype”.

Thanks for reading, folks. The next edition will be Sunday 11th April with a submission deadline of Sunday 4th April. Submit your (or someone else’s) blog article to the next edition by using our carnival submission form or sending the URL in an @ reply to @m4wl on Twitter. Past posts and future hosts can be found on our blog carnival home page.

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