Eighth Carnival of Feminist Parenting

Welcome to the January edition of the Carnival of Feminist Parenting. This month as always, the blogosphere has been awash with some really excellent writing from feminists, parents and of course all those wonderful people who are part of both groups. So as usual, instead of me waffling, let’s get straight to the interesting stuff!


Children’s Rights and Mother’s Rights

Grace Fletcher-Hackwood kicks us off with an article at the F-Word demanding an end to financial discrimination against young people.
Chally has a post taking apart an advertising campaign which stated that “working mothers are bad mothers”.
The Independent on Sunday has an article about the detention of children in Britain, calling immigration centres “no place for the innocent”.


BlackKittenRoar talks about how it feels to be told you’re going to be “sent back” and the effect this has on adopted children.

Pregnancy and Birth

Brandann Hill-Mann has an article about the bad implementation of court-martials for pregnancy in the US military.
Jill writes about an interesting parallel between abusive individuals and bullying doctors/obstetricians.

Gender Stereotyping

Sally Whittle asks What exactly is a “girl’s” toy, anyway? after an experience with her daughter in a gender-segregated toy shop.
Paige Schilt writes at the Bilerico Project about Stilettos, Sissy Boys, and the Limits of “Gender-Neutral” Parenting Advice.
Jen Nedeau has written an article about a group of children suing Toys R Us for gender stereotyping in their Christmas catalogue.
Lisa at Sociological Images posts about Socialization and Gendered Job Segregation, showing the disparity in gendered toy packaging.
Jon Henley has an article about the power of pink, about the wonderful PinkStinks campaign.


Brandann Hill-Mann has a disturbing story about Target employees who called the police on a breastfeeding woman.


Jennifer Chimber shares an anecdote from a recent restaurant visit, reminding us that discrimination against people with disabilities is unacceptable.
Sara Olkon tells the heartbreaking story of a mother with disabilities who is fighting to keep her son.
Sarah writes about her difficulties in meeting the ‘requirements’ of her gender as a person with disabilities.
Meloukhia has a short anecdote at FWD about parents teaching about ableist language and doing it well.

News and Media

Ananova has an article explaining how Thomas the Tank is ‘sexist’, talking about the lack of female characters in the programme.
In The Mommy Myth That Will Not Die, Natalie Wilson talks about the problematic view that the Twilight series gives of motherhood.

Body Image and Sexualisation

Lindsay talks about fat acceptance for 4 year olds, sharing a story about one of her pupils who is already concerned about being fat.

Feminist Parenting

In Motherhood is Political, Valerie Young talks about how motherhood changed her world view and politicised her.
Dw3t-Hthr has a post humorously titled The Cult of Mommon, challenging the idea of motherhood as a ‘gift’.
Lynne Marie Wanamaker presents a round-up of her posts about teaching children self-defence and how she does so with her daughter.
Gina Crosley-Corcoran writes about Raising an Equality-Minded Male, talkingabout how she is trying to do so, and asking her readers how they are doing the same.


That concludes this edition, I really hope you’ve enjoyed it!

As usual, the vast majority of the posts here were submitted by myself. The Carnival can’t continue without your support, so please please submit your blog article to the next edition of the Carnival of Feminist Parenting using our carnival submission form, or by sending the link in a Twitter reply to @m4wl.

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